The Support Services Centre (SSC) blueprint was developed in September 2007 with the aim to build a back office centre for the Dubai Government that enhances the efficiency of operation to better serve customers.  The blueprint was presented to His Highness Sheik Hamdan Bin Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum in January 13, 2008 by the Director General of the Department of Finance of Dubai Government who was the SSC program sponsor. 

The Centre started operations in March 2008 by serving two government entities and increased to 12 entities by January 2012. 
The Centre has implemented the Government Resources Planning (GRP) application to support the functional activities within scope including accounting, procurement, payroll and human resources.  The GRP technical architecture was designed since inception by SSC team to accommodate the provision of services to new clients in a timely manner without additional cost to the Government of Dubai.

SSC employed more than 10 full time employees to provide the back office services.  The employees were trained on the blue-print business processes and the enabling technology (GRP) by a joint team between the Department of Finance (DoF), Dubai e-Government and SSC program personnel. 
SSC started its operation in Al Diwan’s premises, which provided the centre with a strategic advantage working close to DoF and GRP teams who have empowered the centre's resources with in-depth knowledge of Dubai Government policies, practices and systems.   In addition, the location assisted the centre in providing access to key specialized resources from various Government bodies who have allocated the time and effort to support SSC's initiative and objectives.  This was a solid foundation to the centre, which since inception, has paved the way to the centre’s continued growth.