GRP Inventory is a powerful inventory tool which provides the below:
1-  A wide scope of stock and inventory information supporting top management decision-making processes;
3-  It assists Dubai Government Departments in proper stock maintenance;
3-  It ensures a set of vital objectives such as cross-agency inventory stock sharing and cross-agency stock coding unification;
4-  It minimizes dead and slow moving stock;
5-  It allows flexible planning, forecasting and replenishment, flexible physical inventory and cycle count, min-max planning, full absorption, and perpetual inventory valuation.
Business Processes and Functionality :
1-     Internal Requisition Cycle
2-     Receiving
3-     Min-Max Planning
4-     Reorder Point Planning
5-     Cycle Counting
6-     Physical Inventory
7-     ABC Analysis
8-     Inter-Organization Transfer
9-     Sub-Inventory Transfer
10-   Move Orders
11-   Closing Inventory Periods
This service is rolled out in 13 Entities