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Government Resource Planning Services

The Government Resources Planning (GRP) provides a unified, secure and fully integrated suite of systems that are utilized by Dubai Government Departments. 
Financial Management
The Financial Management Systems are among the core systems of Government Resources Planning Systems. These systems are the main tool for managing the budgets of the public sector in the most effective manner. At the heart of these systems lies the General Ledger into which flows the balance from the sub-ledger systems like the Payables, Receivables, Fixed Assets and Cash management. Also through the Financial Management Systems, the budgets of the public sector can be both prepared and tracked. ..more
Supply Chain Management Systems
The Government of Dubai is the largest entity in the emirate in terms of purchases and spending. To protect and preserve public wealth, it is very necessary to build a program that is responsible for the operations of bidding and purchasing of materials and sending them to the stores of Government Departments through a chain of financial and administrative operations that guarantee the best way of government spending and to facilitate communication between government departments and suppliers....more
Human Resources Management System
The HR Systems are designed to enable the government to achieve the leadership’s vision that recognizes people as the most valuable asset. The HR Systems are an easy tool to manage human capital in a Government Entity, enabling online follow-up for the files of employees, general statistics, tracking personnel skills and managing career
Payroll Management Systems
Working on the payroll of thousands of employees at Dubai Government is a very critical and precise task. For this purpose, a special payroll system has been launched in all Government Departments. The system was provided with all required operations to ensure speed and efficiency that translates the active labour laws and rules in Dubai into an electronic system, with the highest levels of security and protection for the financial and personal information of all Government employees....more
Asset Life Management Systems
Asset Life Management Systems (ALM) are considered one of the integral components of Government Resources Planning Systems that can benefit all Government Departments in following up their mobile and static asset life cycles. ALM contains state of the art functions and tools that can follow up the life cycle of an asset from the day it is purchased, to where it is preserved and how it is used....more
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