Tasaheel Service represents the most recent e-communication gateway using pull/push SMS and IVR  technologies to inquire about GRP.  It enables Dubai Government Employees to inquire about their GRP related information, such as leave balance and payslip details, saving the time and effort of the HR Admin staff and allowing them to focus on other responsibilities. Tasaheel has 3 different services which are:
  • The SMS Pull service: Enables the employees to send an SMS to the number 4433 in which they will receive the information through an SMS.
  • The SMS Push service: Employees automatically receive information based on certain events such as payslip (monthly pay), leave approval, etc…
  • The IVR service allows the employee to listen to their personal details or to receive them as SMS to their mobile numbers, by calling 800 GRP.

Business Processes and Functionality of the IVR service

1- Contract Details
2- Performance Rating
3- Leave balance
4- Passport Details
5- Salary Details
6- Ticket Details
7- Bank Details
This service is rolled out in 41 entities