The Payroll Management System  is an effective and efficient tool for the following reasons:
1-    It helps the Dubai Government Departments to pay on time the employees monthly salaries and benefits;
2-    It contributes to facilitating payroll reconciliation and auditing;
3-    It offers the integrated reports that can be saved in editable spreadsheets;
4-    It allows to performs retro calculations for any pending allowances or deductions, costing for all employee payments and deductions for each month;
5-    It provides an easy and effective way of paying by Cheque, Cash, Bank Transfer or Electronic Payments (EFT).


Business Processes and Functionalities

1-    Fundamental Payroll
2-    End of Service Payment and Provision
3-    Hiring and Termination Expenses
4-    Housing & Furniture Payment s and Third Party Payments
5-    Official/Training Per Diem
6-    Overtime and Rewards
7-    Disciplinary Actions Process
8-    School Fees
9-    Handling of multiple salary basis (i.e. military, civil or temporary employees)


It is rolled out in 41 entities