Attendance Management System is a centralized hub that applies government attendance policies systematically. The system provides:
1-       Automation of employees’ time attendance;
2-       Management of employees’ time attendance;
3-       The self-service for applying/approving the permission requests;
4-       The self-service for review the attendance details for both the employees and the subordinates;
5-       The reports that helps the HR admin to review and follow up with the employee’s attendance details.


Business Processes and Functionality

1-      Storage of Employee timestamps in AMS
2-      Notification of employee and manager of attendance exceptions
3-      Application for permission request to justify attendance exceptions
4-      Approval or Rejection of permission requests
6-      Automatic Return from leave once employee swipes in after resuming from leave
7-      Creation of Overtime records and Integration with Payroll
8-      Creation and Update of the employees shifts by the users


This service is rolled out in 8 entities