The service enables online recruitment function:
1-    Allows fresh graduates and experienced professionals to access the available job vacancies at Dubai Government Departments;
2-    The portal enables job seekers to apply to the job vacancies electronically via one centralized gateway;
3-    It also enables the HR sections of Dubai government departments to publish their job vacancies and meet their recruitment needs;
4-    It is a CV Bank for Dubai Government.
Business Processes and Functionality :
1-      Creating & Reviewing a vacancies
2-      Reviewing Job applications
3-      Searching for a candidates
4-      Suitability Matching
5-      Updating Applicants' Statuses (Active, First Interview, Second Interview, ...)
6-      Sending Offers
7-      Approving & Rejecting Applicants
8-      Applying for Jobs (Applicants)
9-      Accepting Offers (Applicants)
10-   Searching for a Job (Visitors)
11-   Registration (Visitors)
This service is rolled out in 14 Entities