GRP Human Resources enable Dubai Government Departments to perform the below:
1-   Store employee information;
2-   Maintain and track employee information during the hire to retire life cycle for an employee;
3-   Provides a number of reports that help Dubai Government with the decision making process to set individual goals and match them to business goals and growth strategy.
Business Processes and Functionality :
1-     Organization Structures
2-     Maintenance of Jobs and Positions
3-     People Management (Employees & Contacts)
4-     Medical Assessments, Disabilities and Work Incidents
5-     Competency Profiles
6-     Qualifications
7-     Previous Employments
8-     Contracts
9-     Absence Management
10-   Workforce Information Management
11-   Reporting on Workforce (Budgeting and Movements)
12-   Recruitment and Hiring
13-   Career and Succession Planning
14-   Skill Matching
15-   Evaluation and Appraisals
This service is rolled out in 41 Entities