1-   Avail an easy-to-use interface to the GRP system for all employees (specially the unskilled labor);
2-   Save time and effort on administrative and personnel  tasks for both HR staff and line managers;
3-   Save the time and effort of the IT department and GRP team of creating and maintaining user names and system access;
4-   Reach the unskilled labor who don’t have access to PCs and spread the Self Service Culture among them;
5-   Avail a 24-7 Service to the unskilled labor instead of limiting it to the office hours;
6-   Since it works via Emirate’s ID, It will help complete the GRP HR data with the Emirate’s ID for all staff;
7-   Helps tracking and archiving Employee’s needs, transactions and inquires and consequently generate operational and statistical reports;
8-   Reduce the communication channels between the employee and the HR department and increase the transparency;
9-   Efficient use of hardware (1 kiosk for many employees);
10- It is a quantum leap towards a paperless business environment.
Business Processes and Functionality :
Using Emirates ID as an access authentication to do the following processes
1-     Annual Leave Balance Inquiry
2-     Leave History Inquiry
3-     Payslip Details
4-     Apply for a Leave of Absence
5-     Request HR Letters ( Salary Certificates)
6-     Send Inquiries to the HR Department (HR, Payroll)
This service is rolled out in 5 Entities