GRP Accounts Receivable is part of The Financial Management systems that automate and streamline all financial business processes for Dubai Government Departments, while providing a single accurate view of all financial information generated from the receivables, payables, projects and other sub-ledgers. They are built based on the Department of Finance policies and procedures, following the accrual base of accounting and including a standard chart of accounts. They allow for the consolidation of all Government Department Balances in one ledger.
The GRP  Receivables:
1-      Streamlines customer invoices;
2-      Streamlines customers receipts;
3-      Streamlines customer deduction processes;
4-      Manages the remittance process;
5-      Manages customer data.
Business Processes and Functionality :
1-      Customer Maintenance Process
2-      AR Transaction Entry Process  (invoice/DM/CM)
3-      Invoices with Rules (Rents Invoices)
4-      Receipt Entry Process
5-      Receipt Batch Process
6-      Remittance Process
7-      Customer Supplier Netting Process
8-      Period Close Process
9-      AR Interfaces


This service is rolled out in 28 Entities