GRP EAM provides valuable opportunities for Government Departments to increase the life cycle of their assets and to optimize their production capacity. The system ensures:
1-    Accurate follow-up of the various maintenance activities related to the department’s assets, from vehicles to production tools and buildings;
2-    Being fully integrated with inventory,  purchasing and finance, it helps with the decision-making process to improve asset performance management and profitability by reducing breakdowns and breakdowns cost;
3-    It guarantees longer productive life cycle for assets, reducing maintenance costs, and sustaining the continuity of services.
Business Processes and Functionality :
1-     Assets Administration (Registration, Assignment)
2-     Assets Failure Management
3-     Work Request Self-Service
4-     Preventive Maintenance Planning
5-     Work Order Planning / Execution
6-     Re-Buildable Assets Maintenance
7-     Maintenance billing
8-     Maintain quality plans
9-     Shop floor replenishment
10-   Fuel consumption
11-   Assets Accident Tracking
12-  Period-End closure
12-   SMS Integration


This service is rolled out in 2 entities